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A friend or acquaintance that is dear to your heart in a non-homosexual way, it is a term that is used to show great appreciation and respect but in certain context can mean the exact opposite. Ex, I’m bout to FUCK YOU UP Bo! When making a statement of great significance or importance, Bo is often used at the beginning of the sentence. Ex, Bo… hurry up and pass the shrimp fried biscuits, or Bo, you tryin to fucking skip me?


A derogatory term often used in a state of anger or aggression to show a lack of respect or discontent for another individual. This word has nothing to do with size or oceanic organisms. Ex, What are you looking at SHRIAUMP!

Chicken Toe-

Is used as a last resort comeback statement. Ex,

Sweazy: Your mothers a whore.

Nick G: Chicken Toe…

It can also be said when there is an awkward silence and nobody knows what to say.

Shrimp Fried Biscuit- Definition to be announced


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